Book keeping

Need help getting organized? Keeping your company’s books up to date is critical for running the business and planning for the future. Falling behind in keeping the books up-to-date? We can help you get back on track by taking care of your bookkeeping needs.

“Our bookkeepers are knowledgeable and experienced and they work with the latest bookkeeping software.” We assist our clients in keeping organized and on time by preparing client files from the onset of the relationship.

More importantly, clients that utilize our bookkeeping services remain ahead of the curve by having their financial transactions appropriately recorded in a timely manner. This includes maintaining electronic records on file that provide our clients with peace of mind.


Our financial consultants offer money management advice to individual clients and businesses on how to reach short and long-term goals, and ultimately to secure upfront financing may consist of a debt management plan, investment advice, or developing a RRSP and tax savings account. A business plan is key to the long-term success of new and established businesses, allowing you to prepare for anticipated changes and minimize the impacts of unexpected situations.


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